Centreville Passes Ban on Plastic Carry-out Bags

On July 20, the Town Council of Centerville passed a ban on single-use carry-out plastic bags, 4-0 with the 5th Council member recusing himself. The ordinance 2023-2 calls for a ban on the plastic bags and a 10-cent charge for paper bags. There was overwhelming support for the bag ban at both hearings (the first one was on June 1) but there was opposition from a restaurant owner who felt it would be a burden on his business having to use, and charge for paper bags. The Council therefore made an exception for restaurants. They still can use plastic bags, but won't have to charge for the paper bags. Also, there was opposition from an optician who did not want to charge for the small paper bags he is already giving out for free.

The Council revised the exemption for pharmacies charging for prescription bags to include eyeglass prescriptions by simply striking the word "pharmacy" from the legislation.

Plastic Free QAC is deeply grateful to President Steven Kline and his co-sponsor, Vice President Ashley Kaiser, for their leadership in shepherding this legislation through the Town Council. PFQAC remains committed to working with Centreville restaurants as they make the transition away from single-use plastic bags. Stay tuned for more information on our BYOB- Bring Your Own Bag campaign set to launch sometime during the fall of 2023.