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Need NEW Holiday Gift Ideas? Commit to sustainable gift-giving this holiday season and give the gift of reusables.Helping a friend or family member replace their plastics might be the best and the most long-lasting gift you can give!! Over time, reusables save money and are by far the best choice for our planet. These days there are so many items from which to choose. We’ve compiled a list of our favorites, to help make your holiday shopping this season easier.

At PFQAC we’re big fans of shopping local! Now more than ever, it’s important to support ALL our local businesses. HALF FULL, on Main Street in Stevensville, is a great source for a wide variety of eco-friendly items. Best of all, most of the brands they carry give back a portion of sales to worldwide causes, so you can pick and choose the cause you’d like to support. Half Full is definitely worth the visit, for that special environmentally friendly gift that gives back.

Another idea for helping that special person make the switch is a personalized “starter kit” filled with reusable items of your choice. Starter kits can also be purchased pre-made, and many companies even offer monthly subscriptions. Check out Earth Hero.Whatever gifts you choose, giving the gift of reusables makes tossing those pesky plastics we can’t seem to live without that much easier. The possibilities are endless, so have fun shopping and join us to help reduce single-use plastics this holiday season!Reusable Storage Bags:

  • Stasher Bag
  • Zip Top
  • Mountain Rose Herbs

Reusable Produce Bags:

  • Earth Sider
  • Organic Cotton Mart
  • All Cotton and Linen

Reusable Storage Container Covers and Bees Wrap:

  • Earth Sider
  • The Earthling Co.
  • Bee's Wrap

Reusable Straws:

  • Greens Steel
  • SipWell

Reusable Water Bottles:

  • S'well
  • Greens Steel
  • Corkcicle

Reusable Carryout Containers and Utensils:

  • To Go Ware
  • Food Revolution

More Ideas and Pre-Bundled Gifts:

  • Earth Hero
  • Package Free Shop
  • Life Without Plastic
  • The Earthling Co.

Let us know your favorite sustainable product! Post a photo on our Facebook page or email us directly. NOTE: Many of these items can also be found on Amazon or at Target and Walmart. Finally, be sure to check out MadeSafe – a nonprofit that screens products for known harmful chemicals. It issues a “MadeSafe” seal for products that do not contain the harmful substances on its database and works with manufacturers to make their products safer. Visit the website:

Check out Julie Schaeffer's video for additional eco-friendly home products: